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June 29, 2013
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Mermaid!Reader X Russia ~ Chapter Two

(Kalani's POV)
Looking around, the world was fuzzy and blurred and the surroundings were unfamiliar, the flooring terrifyingly dry. My skin felt dry to the bone, and my gills were begging for fresh ocean air. 'Where am I?' I blinked my eyes to clear my vision, but the only thing that did was make my eyes feel as if they had been set on fire.
I screamed out in pain, or at least tried to, but no sound escaped my dried and cracked lips. I could finally see the world clearly now, and I was terrified. I rested on the deck of a pirate ship, baked onto the wooden boards of the deck, unable to move like any fish out of water.
Then, a tall and brooding shadow cast down upon me, and painfully, I looked up to meet the six-foot-seven owner. His skin was a pale ivory, much like my own, and his hair was a pale blonde color. Shockingly, his eyes were an even brighter violet than my own without any hints of blue, and they accompanied a very child-like smile on his lips. A pale pink scarf was wrapped around his neck, a long tan coat floating past his knees to cover green pants and black military boot, stopping at his ankles. He was well-built, and I knew this was probably my end.
"Hello, little Kalani!" The man said cheerfully, kneeling down next to me. My gills shuddered in anger on my sides, but feebly. My body was week, very much so. Why can't he just leave me be and set me back in the water?! What have I done to him?
"H-how do you know my name?" I wheezed, barely being able to get those simple words out from lack of air. Or rather an overwhelming amount of air. I wasn't used to this, but he was. He was at the advantage..
"Don't you remember anything?" He continued cheerfully, the smile only seeming to grow on his face. "I'm Ivan Braginsky. Your new husband!"

I woke up screaming bloody murder, Paola shaking me to try and wake me up frantically, crying my name with a broken tone of despair. I could hardly hear her over my swarming thoughts and yelps of fear. 'Who was that man? Why did it feel so real? Was it another vision from the future? Oh god...'
"KALANI!!" Paola screeched finally, sending her right hand straight across my face. I put my hand to my cheek in shock, unable to comprehend what just happened three seconds ago. I stared at my younger sister with surprise, her ice-blue eyes serious and demanding as ever and her blonde hair perfectly floating around in the water.
"Did you just..SLAP me?" I asked incredulously, now rubbing my cheek. She is strong, and I could almost feel the blood rushing up to create a black mark on my cheek in the shape of her hand. Yes, black. Since we were created with dark magic, our blood is black instead of crimson like mortals.
Paola huffed and crossed her arms, staring angrily at me. She obviously was NOT pleased I wasn't listening to her when she barks orders like usual. Control freak.. "Well, you clearly weren't listening to me, and I had to do something to gain your attention."
I rolled my eyes at her, leaning back and propping myself up on the coral bed, slightly glaring. "You don't always have to have someone's attention all the time. You aren't Kai, the commander of the army, though you might as well should be, given you like giving orders."
This only pissed her off more, as she snarled quietly and swam quickly out of the room through the slit. Sighing, I put my tail over the edge of the bed, resting my face in my hands, slightly massaging my temples. 'What was that dream about? It was so real...'
A spark of red hair and green eyes flashed behind the webbing in my fingers and I shrieked, jumping backwards. Green eyes were taunting me again, and I sighed, relaxing when I recognized my sister, Tatum.
"Dad is soooo mad at you!" She boasted, twirling her deep maroon tail above her head to express her excitement. I shook my head at her, raising my eyebrows incredulously. Her smile didn't even twitch out of place, if anything it grew larger.
Sighing, I put my hand on her face and shoved her backwards, swimming through the small slit to go get some breakfast. "I don't care Tatum. He can be as mad all he wants. It doesn't make any difference to me." My voice was tired, and it obviously amused Tatum, and she caught up and swam next to me with a silly smile on her face. Yet again, I rolled my eyes and entered the garden room where Arthur kept all his food.
I grabbed some coral and salty seaweed that only the farmers in the city grew on the roof of their homes. We built our homes by working around the coral reef, digging into the rock and using wood from sunken ships to create doors that mostly hid themselves. Then, on the ocean floor, we created roads using the glowing stone that continually grows each year. We loved our home, and we do everything we can to protect it.
Exiting out of the garden spot of Arthur's house, Tatum and I went over to the table Arthur built for himself last year. Recently, he became the apprentice of Berwald, the architecture merman of the city. He was always building doors and furniture for the citizens, and often he is at the banquets Father hosts now and then to celebrate our birthdays.
Allistor popped up next to Tatum, and I noticed black flooded in her cheeks when she took him in. He didn't seem to notice, as he was too busy smirking at me. I took a bite out of my coral, holding my hand out. "Crown, now," I demanded, and he looked astounded. Good. Something other than that arrogant look of his.
"How did you know?" He asked, handing me back the crown which I quickly slipped back into my hair and went back to eating, pretending he wasn't there as he was about to grate on my last nerve with that smirk of his. Allistor looked to another source of information, his eyes landing on a flustered Tatum. His green eyes widened minutely, his lips twitching as if wanting to form words that he couldn't speak. "How did she know?"
Jumping, Tatum looked at him in quiet shock, quickly regaining her bubbly attitude and smile. "'s a little secret." Leaning in, Tatum whispered something into his ear, and Allistor's eyes lit up with excitement. Grabbing his hand, I heard Tatum utter something about showing him around the city and then they were gone, leaving only Arthur and I here.
"What is their problem?" Arthur asked curiously, coming and sitting down right where Tatum was a few moments ago. Simply shrugging, and muttering 'I don't know' we ate our meal in silence. I was still disturbed about the dream and what it meant. My new husband? A human?! That's insane! I don't even like any of the mermen in the city for crying out loud, let alone a two-legged human who walks on dry land.
I was snapped out of my daze when Arthur waved his webbed hand in front of my face. Focusing my eyes on him, I noticed he had an irritated vibe about him when I finally realized he was still there. "I said, is something wrong?" He asked, crossing his arms stubbornly.
Readjusting my crown, necklaces, earrings and bracelets, I shook my head sorrowfully. "No, sorry..lost in the future I suppose," I answered smoothly, because it was mostly true. The image had a ring of truth to it, but some parts of it, just didn't fit together. Luckily, Arthur bought it, as he shrugged and grabbed the bits of coral and seaweed that just weren't meant for eating and took them outside to plant.
I shook my head slightly again, deciding to go to the one place that always helped me think. So, I had my last bite of coral, then took off out of the house to head to the castle. The city was busy today, mermaids and mermen swimming about and talking pleasantly with one another. When I passed by, they always said hello and waved. Everyone knew one another, as was our custom. Kind and true to your neighbors, deadly, unfaithful and cunning to those whom we do not care for.
"Kalani!" Amya cried, swimming quickly up towards me as she exited her very colorful coral home. She picked the most colorful area of the coral reef so it would match her personality, and her colors. Smiling, I turned towards her as she gave me a huge hug. Laughing, I hugged her back tightly, then pulled back to make sure she didn't change any of her colors today.
That was her talent, as everyone has a special..magic they could work, and Amya's was to change anything to any color she desires, and boy does she love colors. Luckily, though, today she was the same as yesterday. Her tail was a spiral of red and pink, mixing to create swirls every so often, and her shoulder length hair was a bright neon pink. Honestly, you can judge her mood by the colors she wears, and today, she was in a romantic mood.
" are you today?" I asked, returning my direction and heading towards the castle once again. Easily, Amya followed me, floating along on her back and only kicking her tail every so often to keep moving.
Shrugging, she smiled up at me with pearly whites and sharp incisors we all have. "Just fine. How about you, mystery girl? The whole city has been talking about you!" Her voice, as always, was chirpy and completely happy. Honestly I wondered how she was constantly happy as her mother was also killed on the same day as mine.
I rolled my eyes, entering through the small hole in the roof of the thrown room that barely peeked out of the rocks, going towards the crown room. Amya was hesitant about going down the hall, I could tell, but she followed me anyways. "I don't care if they were talking about me."
"Well you should!" Amya cried as we finally reached the room where my mother's crown was held. "They are saying you were out with some new guy from the west kingdom, getting turned on!!"
My face flushed black, then returned to the normal pale color. "What?" I said, very slowly and precisely. Amya looked slightly terrified as she back away a little bit. "Getting 'turned on' by that idiot of a man?! I AM SUPPOSED TO BE GETTING MARR--" My eyes flew wide as I realized what I was about to say, and I turned, flung the doors open and swam inside quickly. Amya was staring at me with blank baby blue eyes as the door shut behind me loudly with an echo in the large room.
Sighing slightly with relief, I turned to face the room. There was only two glowing stones in the middle to light the room, the surrounding walls pitch black, giving the room a ominous feeling. Strangely, it was the only place I felt safe, as in the middle, lit softly by two glowing stones, was my mothers crown. I moved forward slowly towards the pedestal it rested on, stroking the hard metal. The design was much like mine, but much more delicate and beautiful. The golden metal grew up to a point, but at more of a slope, and decorated with many different colored jewels, all harmonizing with the golden color. At the top, was a red ruby, hanging loosely within the O shaped, attached only by a thin string of diamonds.
"Oh, mom.." I whispered, sinking down and resting on the bend of my tail. I felt water grow in my eyes, melting in with the water around me. I lowered my head, hardly able to see the stones of the crown without wanting to go and throw myself onto dry land so I could see her again. "What can I do?"
The hair on the back of my neck prickled suddenly, feeling the sense I was being watched. I raised my head up, looking around with a growing feeling of fear in the pit of my stomach. The room was dead quiet as always, the walls unmoving, but I could feel something lurking within the shadows. I slowly rose up, trying to allow myself to see the future, but nothing was appearing. Slowly, I began to back up.
My bare back hit something warm and massive. I shut my eyes tightly, then turned around slowly. I was terrified to open my eyes, but I did so anyways, quickly regretting my decision. There, massive and lurking, was the great white, predator of all fish in the sea. Bubbles escaped my lips as they opened slightly in surprise. How did the great white get in here?
That question was the least important at the moment, as the guards lock the door for thirty minutes, then demand I come out in case grief becomes too much and I take a jewel. Like hell I would do that. The shark continued to swim around in the large dome like room, swimming in a circle around me, sizing me up as if he hasn't eaten in weeks. That was probably true.
Now he has found his next meal, and a helpless one at that. It was against the law to kill a shark, or any fish for that matter. 'No song shall ever be released in the intent to kill another of our neighbors.' My heart fluttered in my chest as I realized I had to try and avoid this shark for twenty-eight minutes until the guards re-open the doors, and seeing how I could not see the future any more, my outcome wasn't that great.
The shark has made three circles, and I could feel the end of this taunting coming to a close end. I gulped, blinked once, and then the shark was in front of me, his teeth bared and ready to bite, gleaming in the bright light.

Mermaid!Reader X Russia ~ Chapter Twoby FelicianaDaisyVargas

Literature / Prose / Fiction / Fantasy / Introductions & Chapters©2013-2014 FelicianaDaisyVargas
Plot twist!! Yup..I'm leaving you guys on another cliff hanger. That's okay though..the next chapter will be up tomorrow..hopefully. Sorry it's a little short..the next will be longer, I promise!
So...another chapter done, and I hope you guys still enjoy this story. It's the most views, favorites and comments I have ever gotten on a single story, so I am very proud of it. I hope you guys like this, and I shall speak to you again soon!

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Next Chapter: In the making..

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