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June 27, 2013
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Mermaid!Reader X Russia ~ Intro

(1st person's POV)
The water was peaceful today, all the fish swimming lazily about. The sharks weren't due for months now, and everyone was at peace. Even the clownfish were joking again. Just kidding! They can't talk, but they are good friends when you need them. The deep blue water rolled around our city today, built deep within the ocean on the floor, where the sun barely shown, but, if you go to the heart of the city, there was our golden glowing stone, bringing light to our city. We chipped pieces off and spread them about our city to light our paths and homes.
We could never be happier. The sea was a wonderful place, and we often mocked the humans because of their dying land. Our people were friendly, but we still...well..lets just say you should hope to never find us at sea. We were old, and extremely powerful. Dark magic was our pride, and when humans, petty humans, crossed our bad side, we sang.
Our singing, if the special words are sang, drives the humans insane and then to death by suicide. However, if we do not wish to kill or mentally impare humans. We sing to them, but out of joy. Many humans have become our friends, if one mermaid or merman is brave enough to go to the surface, which we often are. We are not scared people. Sometimes, we sing for them in a sign of friendship.
Sadly, those humans have died off, and now only creul mortals remain. It is forbidden to go to the surface now, as the last few who ventured up, were captured and killed. One of them being my mother, the queen. I have held a huge grudge against humans ever since, and I wish for their grueling demise every day. But, for now, I was a princess, one who has lived for fifteen hundred years. Well..technically twenty one, if anyone cares to know my "human" age.
"Try and catch me losers!!!" I shouted, my soft green tail glimmering as I pushed myself just a little bit faster. My waist long deep ocean blue hair was flowing behind me, straight from speed. The seaweed tickled my bare torso as I raced my friends, laughing the entire way. I was the fastest swimmer in our city, and I was proud of it too.
My friends begin to trail behind me, far away, and I laughed gleefully. I heard them speak again, talking of returning to the city. They knew it was impossible to catch me. I smirked victoriously, straightening out my necklaces. Row after row of necklaces cascaded down my neck to cover my breasts. They were decorated with beautiful sea shells and jewels from long sunken pirate ships. It was the sign of royalty. Most of our people, never wore anything to cover their torso.
Once, me and my father had discovered a pirate ship with beautiful crowns. The royal family now wears them. My mother wore the beautiful queens crown, which fit perfectly on her. It was the only thing we had found left of her when she was taken.. It now rests in the castle within the city, guarded by trusted mermen of the family.  Father wears the kings crown, golden and tall, but understated enough that it didn't weigh him down from the weight of it. Mine was a simple princess crown, going up to a spike where the largest diamond rested, the smaller diamond periodically getting largers as the spike rises.
Sighing contentedly as I heard my friends swim back to the city, I began to readjust my bracelets too. My mother gave them to me, when she found them in our favorite looting place. They were soft green to match my tail, and they spiraled as they went up my arms and connecting together on the back of my neck. It reminded me of seaweed in a way, beause, though it's metal, it's incredibly flexible and bends with me as I swim.
"What a nice day.." I murmured to myself, that was, until I noticed where I was. The sand was beginning to slope upwards towards the surface, rising sickeningly until it became dry land for the humans. Above me, where human feet, kicking to stay afloat. I gasped, turning on my fin and swimming deeper into the ocean darkness just to enough where they couldn't see me, but I could see them.
I seethed as I fixed my seashell earings in their holes. We were born with the earring holes in my family. Only my family, no one else's. Meaning, we were the royal family. If the heir was not born with the earring holes, he/she was not meant to be king, but if the heir is, the child is born to rule our people.
'What at they doing here? Aren't they afraid of the shark threat?' I hissed, then gasped yet again as a human swam up to me, a weird breathing tube in his mouth. My sparkling violet and blue eyes widened until they were the size of the humans already wide eyes. We stared at each other for a little bit, sizing each other up, the human obviously afraid like he should be. Then, without thinking, I yanked his breathing tube out of his mouth and took of back into the sea. I heard him struggle to get back to the surface by the displacement of water, then heard him gasping for breath once he made it up there to the surface.
I was long gone by then, and for the first time in my life, I was terrified.
~Time Skip~
(Adeon's POV)
I sat upon the thrown, watching my daughters bicker among themselves. I sighed as I began to wonder where my eldest daughter, Kalani or [name], was, the heir to my thrown. She was the only one born with earring holes, thus making her the next queen. It was unbelievingly frustrating how she never took a fancy to any of the mermen in the city. It's like she expected Prince Charming to walk up to her or something!!
'If only she could find someone..' I thought with despair, when a sharp bell tone voice shattered my train of thought.
"Dad!! Dad!!" Kalani--her mermaid name--screamed, swimming as fast as she could towards me, which was very fast indeed. I quickly swam up to meet her, and she swam straight into my open arms, shuddering.
Trying to calm her, I stroked her long deep blue hair back as it began to float around in the water again. "Shh, shh, what is if Kalani?" I asked softly, trying to soothe her. She really seemed scared. It almost made me scared to. Next to her mother, I've never seen anyone more brave.
"Humans..I saw them. One of them saw me," she breathed, her voice soft enough to where the bickering younger sisters wouldn't hear. Fury bubbled up inside of me. What in the name of the sea was she doing up near the surface?!?
"Kalani!" I snapped, pulling back to glare with harsh eyes at her. "What were you doing near the surface!?"
She held up her pale ivory hands in defense, her violet-blue eyes as deadly as mine, if not more. "Don't you dare jump to conclusions, Dad!" She snarled back, baring her pearly white teeth at me, her already long incisors sharper than ever. "It was an accident. Nia, Amya, Kenzie and I were racing, and we accidently got to close to the surface without realizing it."
I scowled at her. "I don't understand why you want to race with everyone our city. It's not like we already know you are the fastest swimmer, oh wait, WE DO!" I bellowed, the other three girls turning to stare at us with new found interest.
Paola--20 in human years--swam up closer to us, her golden hair flowing out behind her and sharp ice-blue eyes worried. Her soft baby blue tail was flanked by Dulce, the youngest at 18, and Tatum at 19 human years. My gaze softened as I looked at all three of them. Dulce, with her short dark black hair, golden eyes and white tail and Tatum, with her long firery red hair, sparking green eyes and deep maroon tail and her attitude which matched her colors very well.
" every thing alright?" Paola asked softly, worried.
Kalani huffed, turning on her fin and swimming up to her cave. I felt a little guilty for snapping out at her. She really meant no harm about it. Sighing once again, I turned back to Paola and nodded. "Fine..don't worry about it. Can you go speak to your sister for me?"
Nodding, Paola swam up to the cave where the rooms were located above the thrown room. I looked around the small dome of the thrown room, and groaned. What a mess this life is, yet I wouldn't give it up for anything. I slowly swam back down to my golden chair, decorated with seaweed and shells, putting my face in my hands.
"I wish you were here, Cecil, because I really need your opinion.." I mumbled, thinking of my beloved wife. I remember when she was taken away. It was the worst day of my life. I almost could have saved her as well..

Mermaid!Reader X Russia ~ Introby FelicianaDaisyVargas

Literature / Prose / Fiction / Fantasy / Introductions & Chapters©2013-2014 FelicianaDaisyVargas
I don't own this picture. Artist -->

Yeah...I'm bored again, and I wanted to take a break from my other series. I type them, but I keep loosing my inspiration half way through. I promise they are almost done, but I am going to start another series... -.-
Maybe I will finish this one..Yes I will! :shakefist: I will get all of them done eventually. This is the last one until I finish all the rest.
I hope.

Next Chapter: felicianadaisyvargas.deviantar...

I don't own Hetalia.
I don't own you.
I own this story.
All credit goes to the rightful artist.

Edit: Oh my gosh! I never dreamed this story would get so many views and faves..and it's only the introduction.. I hope I can make the rest of the story good for you guys.. *anime sweatdrop*


:iconitalysparklesplz: You are beautiful.

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:iconrussiasparklesplz: Stay strong.

:iconprussiasparklesplz: Keep your head up.

:iconenglandsparklesplz: You have a whole life ahead of you.

:iconamericasparklesplz: Things will get better.
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NekoNekoGirl04 Aug 24, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Sweetness~ I've always liked mermaids. :aww: I like it so far... *Goes to read more*
FelicianaDaisyVargas Aug 24, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
^.^ :giggle: Glad you like it.. I am still working on the third chapter, sadly..and school is starting soon, so... Might take a while. :(
NekoNekoGirl04 Aug 24, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Oh, it's okay. Take your time. ^^
If it's an x reader story than you should let them pick the tail/hair color. (T/C) (H/C).
FelicianaDaisyVargas Jul 17, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
I realize that. I am not finished with the story just yet!
FelicianaDaisyVargas Nov 14, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Sorry.. ^^' I was in a bad mood that day.
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